Welcome to the web page of the ISTA, the International Sotai Therapists Association (Formerly the Sotai Professional Organisation).

Sotai therapy, or Sotai Ho, also known as Japanese Postural Alignment/Reeducation, is a very little known but powerful technique that is used in Japan, and now in Europe, to treat all types of muscular, articular and sometimes structural aches or problems as well as other health problems.


The aim of our association is to promote and further the study, use and training of professionals in the complementary health therapy called Sotai or Sotai Ho (also called Japanese Posture Alignment / Reeducation).


If you are interested in contacting a professional Sotai practitioner, please contact us at admin@sotai.net 


To know more about the history of sotai (sotai ho) click here.





























Learn the art of painless pain relief


No previous knowledge needed.


Get rid of your aches or treat others.


19th July 2014
































 International Sotai Therapists Association


“To treat a patient for an illness without correcting distortion in their frame is like bailing water with a bottomless bucket.” – Keizo Hashimoto